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Why Accredited Heavy Equipment Training Is Critical

One of the key components of the economic stimulus package is the creation of jobs – this includes a heavy concentration on the construction industry including heavy equipment operators, truck drivers and crane operators.

As private companies write their tender submissions for these projects, they will also be looking at other criteria which includes the employment of trained personnel. In other words, the contractor has to ensure that all employees are suitable qualified for the positions they hold. Gone are the days when you could just jump aboard a bulldozer and learn on-the-job.

Of course, one of the primary reasons behind this move is to ensure that everyone has attended a basic safety training program. All accredited training programs for heavy equipment include safety training as essential part of their program.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are accredited to deliver training in the fields of heavy equipment, truck driving and crane operations. Safety is a primary concern to all and is included in all of our training programs.

AT ATS we ride ourselves on the quality of our graduates and work with them to ensure they have a successful and safe working career in their chosen industry, whether it is heavy equipment operations, truck driving or as a crane operator. Contact us for more information on a career in any of these fields and ensure that when you apply for that next vacancy, you have met the minimum requirements to be employed.

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