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Reasons for Career Services

3 Reasons For Career Services

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to get your heavy equipment operator training at ATS, but high on the list are the Career Services offered to every student. These services are important because they give you the skills and the support to find jobs, apply with impressive resumes, and interview well. If you don’t get through the hiring process, you don’t get the job even though you are qualified.

Job Leads Database & Website

Every ATS graduate has FREE access to a database with the contact information for openings all over the country and is consistently updated. That means a student can search for a job in a specific location or a particular occupation

In addition to the database, ATS graduates have been taught how to use the Career Services website, where potential employers search for new hires. This point of contact lets companies and job applicants make direct contact.

Individual Career Counseling

Early in training, you will meet with the National Career Services Coordinator. By graduation, there will be a packet of helpful items prepared based on that interview. It will include a list of potential employers in your target area and documentation on your specific skills and training.

The Coordinator is available to all students and graduates who need help with their job search, no matter how long ago that graduation was.

Soft Skills

The ability to network, write a resume, navigate the application process, and impress at the interview are “soft skills” that get you smoothly through the hiring process and on the job. Many ATS instructors have been in the industry as foremen, superintendents, and small business owners. Because they have been on the hiring side, they know what your potential employer is looking for.

The Career Services Department gives you the advantage of tools, resources, and skills so that you get the job you are trained and qualified to do.

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