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Heavy Equipment – Big Toys For Big Boys (And Girls)

When you were growing up, did you like playing in the dirt with toy trucks, perhaps a bulldozer or toy front end loader? I did and it was a lot fun. When I was finished I could just tip my toys upside down, whack them a couple of times on the ground to remove the dirt or sand, then pack them away in my toy box (when I remembered that is is 🙂 ). It is such a pity you cannot do that to the real ones.

Real dump trucks, front end loaders and the myriad of heavy equipment that is in use today requires a little more than just removing a little loose dirt or sand. Anyway, you cannot pick them up and empty them like a toy.

The real heavy equipment that big boys (and girls) play with need much more, they need fuel, oil, grease in the right places and working areas that require constant attention. Heavy equipment often relies on hydraulics. Hydraulics is a system where a fluid, under pressure, is used to perform certain acts. For example, to raise or a lower a bucket, hydraulics may be used. Since fluid, pressure and often flexible piping is used, these need to be inspected regularly to ensure there no leaks or problems that could cause a loss of pressure.

Digging equipment often comes fitted with teeth or tines. These need to be inspected regularly to ensure there are no breakages and that they retain some form of pointed or sharpness to enable easy digging.

Caterpillar or track vehicles need to have their tracks regularly inspected to ensure there no foreign objects such as rocks or plant material caught in them that could cause damage. The tracks themselves should also be inspected for breakages or weaknesses that could lead to breakages whilst in use.

Darn, I wish I could just pick them up and shake the dirt out like a toy. Then again, this is heavy equipment, the big boys toy.

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