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When Can I Start My Heavy Equipment Training?

Many heavy equipment training schools have terms or semesters. To obtain a training place, you need to wait until the next training period begins.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools you have two options, you can start training online immediately, or you can check our training calendar. We start training every Monday rotating the various courses. Essentially, you can start on any Monday (except public holidays).

However, providing dates to start is not the most important issue. My response to this questions is very simple. You can start when you are ready to start learning how to operate heavy equipment.

Training in a new field of endeavor takes real commitment. You need to want to learn in that area – in this case, you need to want to learn how operate heavy equipment.

Learning a new field is not difficult if your heart is in it. Training becomes difficult when you really have no interest in the subject matter an your just going through the motions. If your ready to start a career as a heavy equipment operator, then let us arrange your training.

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