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Looking For Variety? Consider A Career As A Backhoe Operator

Backhoe operators have one of the most varied careers when it comes heavy equipment. One moment they are excavator operators and the next, loader operators. Because of their versatility, they are also used in a wide variety of situations. Home building, landscaping, construction of services such as water and sewage, forestry and road constructions are just a few areas where you will find a backhoe. As an operator, you could find yourself working in any one of those places – everyday it may be different.

When it comes to owning an earth moving business, backhoes are often the first choice because of that versatility. As an owner operator, backhoes can do some of the work of an excavator or a loader. This means owner operators can offer their services to a wider range of clients.

As a career, backhoe operators are well sought after, particularly those that have a wide range of experience. The only way to gain that experience is by starting at the bottom and working your way up. Starting at the bottom means finding a good backhoe or heavy equipment training provider – one that will train you to industry standards so that you are employable from the day you graduate.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have a long history of providing proficient operators to industry. We also have a very effective career services department that may be able to help you secure that first job. As industry leaders in heavy equipment training, we pride ourselves on the reputation gained with employers across the country. Are you looking for a career that takes you outdoors, is varied and, at times, challenging then consider a career as a backhoe operator.

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