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Truck Driving – One License, So Many Options

Obtaining a commercial drivers license (CDL) opens the door to a wide variety of truck driving careers. That one license covers drivers for many different types of trucks ranging from the humble dump truck to the large interstate rigs you see on the highways. Truck driving careers range from local deliveries to working on long haul interstate trucks, even cross country trucks. You can also find truck drivers crossing borders between the US and Canada and the US and Mexico.

Truck driving work includes driving:

  • tankers filled with anything from milk to fuel oil
  • mining trucks filled with mineral bearing ore
  • flatbeds loaded with heavy equipment
  • dump trucks filled with sand or gravel
  • trucks transporting general freight

Of course, that list only touches the surface. Every single product, including water, gets delivered by truck at some point in its journey to your home – you could also add the building materials that went into building your home. The only food items that aren’t affected by a truck in some way is what you grow yourself.

There is more to learning to drive a truck than just sitting in the driver’s seat. To complete the CDL test requirements you will need knowledge of Department of Transportation rules, safety and safe operation of equipment, and CDL regulations. You will also need more than just basic driving skills. You will need to demonstrate your ability to drive safely in public, reverse (not an easy task when driving articulated vehicles), and couple and uncouple your vehicle.

Training is important and should be undertaken by competent and qualified truck driving instructors. It also helps if you undertake your training through an organization that has a history of great performance and is well respected in the industry. ATS Truck Driver Training Schools fulfills all of those attributes – and you can complete your training is as little as three weeks. Truck driver training – it opens up a world full of opportunities.

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