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What Are Scrapers?

What are scrapers?

Scrapers On any construction site you will see a wide variety of heavy equipment, and one of the largest are scrapers. While some machines you see on sites, such as bulldozers and backhoes tell you just what they are designed to do by their appearance, the scraper, with its upfront cab pulling a large wagon, doesn’t give anything away. Within…

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Scraper, An Unsung Workhorse

Scraper, an unsung workhorse

They can be one of the larger pieces of heavy machinery on any site, but the tractor-scraper has managed to be one the least appreciated machines in industry too. Designed to move large quantities of earth, and consists of a tractor and rear truck, in which is a hopper that can be moved up and down as required, and features…

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Learn To Operate A Scraper

You've likely seen scrapers on a few construction sites as you drive by, especially large projects. If you live or drive by any mines in your neck of the woods, then you've probably seen them parked there (unless they were in the mine doing their job). Scrapers come in various sizes and with several different components. Usually, you'll see them…

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