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Who Says There Are No Jobs For Heavy Equipment Operators

Heavy equipment operators who are in the know are preparing themselves for a very busy summer. Since the American Recovery and Reinvestment program was announced, most states began finding areas that required significant funding. South Dakota is a prime example with almost 200 million dollars being applied to road works.

Think about what they are going to do with the funding. More than 240 miles of paving, 28 miles of pavement rehabilitation, 33 bridges and 28 safety improvement projects. That is a lot of work and under the Federal governments funding rules, the work must be commenced this summer – in fact the states have only 120 days to obligate those funds (apply them to projects).

With 240 miles of paving and 33 bridges, heavy equipment operators will be busy for months – and this is just one state. Multiply that across the country and there is a real possibility that states will find they cannot find enough qualified heavy equipment operators to get the projects completed on time.

You can beat the rush to becoming a qualified heavy equipment operator by getting your training done now. Once trained, you can take what ever work comes along so that you can gain valuable on-the-job experience. With training and experience, you will be ready to tackle some of these big projects as they come on line this summer.

One of the most highly respected heavy equipment training organizations is ATS with schools in over ten locations around the country. Visit ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools for details on their courses and get a head start on a new career before the rush for new operators starts in the summer.

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