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Less Training Results In More Accidents

Why have there been so many construction accidents in the past few years? A recent article on Equipment World's site by Wayne Grayson takes a look at the problem. OSHA official: Further increase in construction deaths likely; triggered by uptick in activity, less-experienced workers is a sobering assessment of safety on the jobsite. “We recently investigated deaths at jobsites in Kansas City,…

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What Is A Signalperson?

The job of signalperson is an old and ancient custom. Before electronic communications, signalpeople used flags and lights for communication. Some still do depending on the circumstances. In fact, the military still uses lights and flags, especially in combat situations. You've likely seen people on construction sites who stand around with flags and direct traffic. They don't just direct cars…

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5 Areas Of Key Training Concentration

Associated Training Services (ATS) has been instrumental in training heavy equipment operators and truck drivers all across America since 1996. Before that, we were affiliated with the Diesel Truck Driver Training School, which got its start in 1963. Our focus is on training future truck drivers and heavy equipment operators in five key areas of professional vocational training. Heavy equipment…

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