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What Are Road Graders?

What are Road Graders?

A heavy equipment operator can be many things, and their workday very different, depending on what kind of machine it is they are working with. One such machine is the road grader, which is also known as a motor grader, and its job is to create a smooth, flat surface. It does this using a centrally mounted blade that sits…

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Preparing For Winter Road Work

Preparing for winter road work

It’s that time of year again, to prepare for winter road work. Winter is here for most states or is fast approaching for others, the weather is getting colder and the possibility of snow is rising every day in many parts of the country. So, what does your state government do to prepare for the winter, especially in those places…

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Horizontal Drilling – changing the game

All over the country, there is an increased demand for horizontal drilling construction involving buried pipes, cables and fiber optics, largely driven by the importance of internet connections to everyday life, be that for work or at home. Once, that involved digging big trenches right long roads and paths, laying the cables and then filling it back in, but today…

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Machines Of Every Size

Machines of every size

Working as a heavy machine operator is a varied career, every new site or project is different, not just in surroundings, but the machines that you can be operating. When we think about the different machines that are found in today’s industry, there are huge differences in size and ability, but what do they all do? Skid Steers Although they…

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MSHA Certification – What you need to know

MSHA, or Mine safety and Health Administration, certification is the proof of training or retraining within the mining industry as outlined by the Administration, which is required for various jobs within the mining industry. The most common mining training is found under the Title 30 CFR – Part 46 regulations, which stipulates that new miners must complete a minimum of…

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