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Upgrade Your Training With A CDL

You don't have to get a Commercial Drivers License when you come to ATS for heavy equipment operator training, but it's a good idea to consider it. In the decades since Associated Training Services started preparing skilled craftspeople for these important trades, we've noticed that heavy equipment operators who also have gone through the CDL Truck Driver Program added a couple…

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Do You Qualify For Military Benefits?

Associated Training Services is a recognized training provider, approved for veterans and military educational assistance. There are many types of benefit packages, so it's a good idea to contact our financial services department and ask if there's something that fits your circumstance. Here's a quick list of possibilities: the GI Bill could provide monthly subsistence payments while you are in…

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Crane Operators Are Part Of A Team

The crane operator does spectacular things, hoisting heavy loads and accomplishing tasks like placing critical beams where the job requires it. But the crane operator doesn't work alone because riggers and spotters are part of the team, making the whole unit successful. Without each member of that team, something bad could happen on the work site. Riggers make sure the…

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