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5 Ways to Use a Digger Derrick

While driving down a highway or interstate, have you ever wondered how telephone poles or large electrical poles get there? How about when passing road work and seeing a large truck drilling in the ground? The truck is known as a Digger Derrick. A Digger Derrick is a large, crane-like truck with an attachment called an auger. The auger looks…

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What’s a Digger Derrick?

A digger derrick is a type of truck that allows you to dig holes, lift heavy materials, and hoist long objects like utility poles. Associated Training Services now have a Digger Derrick Training Class where we teach potential operators how to operate the equipment safely, among other things. Here is a short rundown of some of the things you'll learn…

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How High Tech Can Heavy Equipment Get?

Moving earth and heavy debris around doesn't seem like technology comes into play much, does it? After all, you are pushing dirt around far away from a computer on a desk. But today's heavy equipment often has very sophisticated technological advantages the machinery of the past was not capable of accessing. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have been around for years.…

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Heavy Equipment Simulators vs In-The-Seat Training

Some folks have been playing video games where they "operate" heavy equipment to build their own house or create a town. Others point to actual high-tech simulators built by manufacturers of heavy equipment for training purposes and wonder if it's the same thing as the video game, only more expensive. Then there's the old-fashioned guys saying, "ya gotta learn it…

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Top Reasons Heavy Equipment Needs Hardfacing

Heavy equipment moves mountains -- and even though the bulldozers, scrapers, and other machines are made of strong metals, they use a network of hardfacing material, a wear-resistant layer of metal ridges, to protect the parts that contact the ground. It extends the life of the machine by adding a renewable surface. Usually hardfacing, or hardsurfacing, is done by welders…

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Heavy Equipment Technology Improving Operators Lives

It's amazing how brazen some people can be. The construction industry is full of stories related to workers turning up for work and finding that someone had, overnight, stolen equipment, tools and building materials. Imagine turning up for work and finding a large bulldozer was missing. That requires a truck to transport it away from the construction site, and let's…

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