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Heavy Equipment Safety Starts At Home

Heavy equipment safety is one of the most important aspects of any heavy equipment training program. Sure, learning to operate a piece of heavy equipment is mighty important, but doing it safely is actually more important. In fact, most employers would rather you didn’t operate the equipment at all if you don’t know how to do it safely.

This has been backed up over the past decade with legislation at both a Federal and State level which now requires work sites to operate to a certain level of safety standards. There are safety inspectors touring workplaces and undertaking safety audits. If a business fails its safety audit there can be rather large fines issued.

We at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools take safety seriously and include all relevant safety practices within our training. We do not consider a student competent to operate heavy equipment unless they can do so according to those safety standards. In fact, we go one step further and insist our trainers are fully conversant with safety procedures before allowing them to train others. As a student, our expectation is that you will take heavy equipment safety seriously as well. Otherwise you could cause serious injury to yourself, a fellow student or one of our instructors during training.

Believe it or not, heavy equipment safety starts at home. Your work gear may be a part of the safety requirements. Steel toe boots and most likely a hard hat as well. However, that is just the external coverings. Heavy equipment safety starts from within; it requires an alert mind, eyes that can see, and an attitude that ensure you operate according to procedures. Dull any of these through substance abuse, poor sleep or an all night party and suddenly everyone could be in danger.

Yes – heavy equipment safety is important and it does start at home.

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