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Heavy Equipment Safety: Prep Your Equipment for Leaving it Unattended

We have discussed heavy equipment safety quite frequently on this blog. Each article relating to heavy equipment safety was focused on guidelines for different types of equipment and general workplace safety. Today’s heavy equipment safety question is a little different. The question for today is, “What can be done to leave heavy equipment safely unattended?”

The biggest heavy equipment safety danger when it is left unattended is posed by collisions involving passing traffic and stationary heavy equipment. Depending on the speed that the driver is traveling at the consequences could be fatal. For the company that owns the heavy equipment involved and perhaps also the driver, there would likely be some legal repercussions if proper heavy equipment safety guidelines were not followed. The heavy equipment should be identified with barriers and reflectors. Lights should also be used to identify the location of the heavy equipment should it be appropriate. These safety precautions apply when leaving heavy equipment unattended for any length of time; even if work is in progress at a nearby location

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Source: Workers Compensation Fund (PDF)

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