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Heavy Equipment Safety Is Not A Joking Matter

Have you heard the joke about the heavy equipment operator that refused to do any safety training? No? Neither have I! In fact, it really isn’t a joking matter. Heavy equipment safety is serious, deadly serious you might say, since, as an operator, you have the lives of a lot of people in your hands.

Bulldozers can do a lot of damage. Have you seen the footage of the person who stole a bulldozer and drove through a suburb with police giving chase. He certainly destroyed a lot of property – it was very similar to the person who stole an army tank and went on destruction mission. Another operator who had lost half his house in a property dispute with his ex-wife, drove his backhoe through the front door and proceeded to cut the house in half – what a mess.

As you can see, heavy equipment can be quite destructive. Off course, those operators went out of their way to be destructive. Operators that fail to follow safety procedures can do just as must damage just through sheer negligence. On many of today’s construction sites, operators are not allowed on site unless they have completed some form of accredited heavy equipment safety training.

All nationally accredited training programs now include heavy equipment safety components. This is to ensure that, over time, all operators in the nation are working to the same set of standards. This all means that all operators know what they can expect from other operators or workers who are working nearby. If everyone is following the same set of safety precautions then work is more predictable and less accidents likely.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools delivers nationally accredited training that includes heavy equipment safety training. If you are looking to undertake training in this field, make sure the company delivering the training is also accredited. Better yet – just contact us.

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