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Heavy Equipment Job Listings: November 26, 2011

As we get a little closer to the Christmas-New Year break, employers slow down their recruitment just a little. Fortunately, they don’t come to a complete stop. Contract deadlines still need to be met and workers in the heavy equipment industry frequently move on, either to warmer climates or to better paying jobs closer to home. This week’s vacancies are carryovers from last weekend where employers are still looking to fill vacancies.

Heavy Equipment Operators – Onawa, IA
A variety of positions for operators of loaders, backhoes, trackhoes and forklifts, just to name a few. If you have heavy equipment experience of any description, then this vacancy could be worth following up.

Heavy Equipment Operator – Milford, CT
Prefer an operator with demolition experience, particularly in the removal of asbestos.

Heavy Equipment Operator – Fairfax, VA
Several positions for operators of rubber tire loaders, track machines, backhoes, and road graders. Would prefer applicants who also hold a CDL with semi-tractor trailer truck experience.

Crane Operators – IA, Forest City

Heavy Equipment Operators – Mass

You can find more details on these positions through our job site. If you have heavy equipment experience and want to add a commercial drivers license, contact us. You can be ready to add a CDL to your resume in as little as two weeks through our truck driver training program.

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