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Heavy Equipment Job Listings: December 24, 2011

As we are so close to Christmas and New Year, many employers reduce their recruitment efforts preferring to wait until the new year when there are less distractions. That doesn’t mean that all employers stop recruiting – many are still hard at work, even on Christmas Day, and they have a constant need for operators. Our Job Site will continue to list any vacancies over this holiday period, so if you’re looking for work in the heavy equipment, truck driving or crane operations, check by regularly to see what’s on offer. A recap of recent opportunities include positions for:

Heavy Equipment Operator – Temple, TX
Highly motivated and skilled heavy equipment operator required. Various sizes and weights in loading, hauling and unloading of equipment, materials and supplies.

Equipment Operator II – Alexandria, VA
Operates one or more types of heavy automotive equipment.

Heavy equipment Low-Boy Driver – Rochester, NY
Electric transmission right-of-way clearing, Commercial, D.O.T, Utility, Gas Pipeline, Clearing, Civil Work, Storm Response and Municipal Contracting and Vegetation Recycling.

Heavy Equipment Operators – Cogan Station, PA
Operate heavy equipment and perform laborer duties as required.

State Park Equipment Operator – Weott, CA
This position transports and operates heavy equipment including but not limited to, backhoes, graders, excavators, tractors, patch trucks, water trucks,

Heavy Equipment Operator – Church Hill, TN
This job could require pushing, compacting, grading, loading or hauling waste or dirt and could require working alone or teaming with other heavy equipment.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas. As we approach 2012, it may be time to consider career changes. If heavy equipment operations, truck driving or crane operations are high on your list of options, then check out our training options – we can help you enter a new career in next to no time.

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