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Dozers Aren’t Sleepers – They’re Heavy Equipment’s Tough Guys

Tough guys don’t sleep and they don’t doze either, especially on a construction site. The dozer, or more correctly, the bulldozer, is one of the tough guys on site. They are renown for their strength and their ability to shift large quantities of material in a short period of time.

Bulldozers are used in earth moving, road construction, mining, land clearing and for military purposes. The consist of a heavy body with a powerful motor generally sitting on ‘caterpillar’ treads. At the front is a thick strong steel blade that is used to push dirt. Combine the power of that engine, the overall weight of the machine, the treads and the blade and you have one tough muscle machine.

For highway construction, bulldozers are one of the first machines called in. The carve out the raw landscape into a rough road shape in preparation for motor-graders and other heavy equipment to come in and perform the finishing touches. Without the bulldozer, the motor grader would have nothing to work on.

In land clearing, the bulldozer is capable of ripping up the top couple of feet, pulling up shrubs and small vegetation, pushing over trees and even dragging tree stumps out of the ground. They are able to level a plot of land in fairly quick time.

On construction sites, the bulldozer prepares the ground by scraping away the top surface and providing a level building platform. The bulldozer is one of heavy equipments most versatile machines and operators are in heavy demand nationwide.

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