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Compact Graders The Equal Of Bigger Brothers

We live in an age where space is reducing and the ability to use full size equipment is becoming difficult or even impossible. We see mini excavators and bob-cats working hard all day, perhaps what you don’t see or hear very much about is the compact grader. In fact, you have probably seen them in action and not given them another thought.

Compact graders are identical to their bigger brothers. As the name suggests they are compact, or smaller in size. The compact grader, as an example, has a turning circle of less than twenty feet compared to twice that for the larger machines.

Although shorter in length, and having a significantly smaller engine, these little graders perform just as well as the larger models. They can still do an adequate job of moving dirt, snow or any loose material.

The skills required to operate a compact grader are no different to those of the larger machines. At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools we offer training on motor graders to provide participants with the skills to operate both large and small machines. Check us out for a training program suited to your needs.

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