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Keeping Safe While Welding

Learning how to weld can lead you to a fulfilling hobby or long-term career, but is incredibly dangerous when not performed correctly. We created this industry-professionally reviewed guide to provide all the safety basics in one place. Topics covered include:…

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Trench Safety

Trenching and excavation are among the most dangerous jobs, according to the United States Department of Labor. OSHA’s definition of excavation is any trench, cavity, depression, or cut that is man-made on the surface of the earth made by the…

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Safe + Sound Week

Safe + Sound Week was observed during August and the week was a time to celebrate the successes of workplace safety and health programs. Throughout the week, information was made readily available for other tips to help improve workplace safety.…

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Important Trench Safety

Excavation and trench work is the most hazardous construction operations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines an excavation as any trench, cut, or cavity that is made by man. These depressions in the ground are made by removing…

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