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Backhoes Earn Their Keep On Demolition Sites

Demolition sites are one place that backhoes really do earn their keep. Being one of the most versatile pieces of heavy equipment in use today, they can do everything from pulling down walls to breaking up concrete and then finish the job by loading it all on to dump trucks. I have seen backhoes do a complete demolition job on houses without the help of any other equipment.

Working with a backhoe on a demolition site really does test out a wide range of backhoe operator skills. Pulling walls down is not that difficult. However, changing attachments and using them to complete other tasks is another matter. Breaking up concrete using the equivalent of a large jackhammer is one task, using grabbers to lift large items into dump trucks is another. Backhoe operators are possibly the most multi-skilled of any heavy machinery operator – they are at least on a par with excavator operators who use similar attachments.

Training to become a backhoe operator is not that difficult. In fact, at ATS Heavy Equipment Operators Schools we can have you trained and ready for the workplace in as little as three weeks. That includes training on a range of equipment including a backhoe.

Demolition work is not easy. It requires skills and the ability to foresee problems that may arise. Safety is always a big issue with demolition sites often having higher injury rates than construction sites. If demolition work is a field that you would like to enter, consider training to become a backhoe operator. It’s a field of work where your learning never stops.

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