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Agatha Christie Found Inspiration, Bulldozers Find Work

So what do bulldozers and Agatha Christie have in common? Not a lot apart from the town of Luxor in Egypt. Now I know Luxor is a long way from here, but for some, it’s not that far. Agatha Christie found a lot inspiration for her books in Luxor and now the whole area is to be turned into a giant open-air museum based around the ancient city of Thebes. This is where the bulldozers come in – they are currently hard at work leveling much of the city of Luxor in order to reveal that ancient city.

Now I know what you are thinking. What does Luxor in Egypt have to do with heavy equipment training here at home apart from the association with bulldozers? At ATS Heavy Equipment Schools, we train our students in a range of equipment and prepare them for the workplace. Heavy equipment is one field of employment where your skills are valuable everywhere – and when I say everywhere I do mean worldwide.

The team of bulldozer operators clearing the way in Luxor is somewhat of an international effort with operators being employed from all parts of the world. There are several US citizens who are currently working as bulldozer operators in Luxor and several local operators owe their skills and knowledge to US operators who trained them.

One of the benefits of training on a range of heavy equipment is the multi-skilling that occurs. You walk away from your training with the skills to operate many different types of heavy equipment, not just a bulldozer. Naturally, you will specialize on one particular machine, but it you keep your skills updated across the board you will find employment opportunities everywhere, including overseas. For younger people just setting out in life, and perhaps wanting to see the world first, training as a heavy equipment operator is definitely an option. Who knows, you could end up in Luxor pulling down one of Agatha Christie’s old haunts.

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