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Add A Commercial Drivers License For A More Diverse Heavy Equipment Operator Career

Heavy equipment operators who can operate a range of equipment are always in high demand. If you have commercial drivers license (CDL) and some experience transporting heavy equipment on flat bed tractor trailers, then you’ll be in even higher demand. Commercial construction companies are always looking for ways to cut costs, and being able to employ one person who is able to do a range of tasks is always going to be cost effective.

The downside for operators is that you can expect to be moved from equipment to equipment as the demand arises. This movement is seen as a big plus to many heavy equipment operators as it adds variety to their working life. Having a CDL often means there is no waiting around as well. Once you complete one job, you load your equipment onto the trailer and move on to the next task.

When you think about it, completing the required training to become a heavy equipment operator and completing the requirements for a CDL makes a lot of sense. There’s three weeks training to become a heavy equipment operator and as little as two weeks training to gain a CDL (if you work on the theory side of your training at home). If you want the complete CDL course, then you’re looking at an extra three weeks – however, that’s eight weeks in total and you have all the skills that employers are looking for.

If you are already a trained heavy equipment operator, then adding a commercial drivers license to your repertoire could be the boost your career needs. Finding work will be easier and you may even find your wage rates are a little higher. You’ll certainly find your work more diverse and far more interesting.

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