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A Foundation Of Quality, Integrity, And Pride

Robert Klabacka, in 1963, had a vision and followed it. He founded the Diesel Truck Driver Training School in 1963 near Madison, Wisconsin.

In 1996, Associated Training Services was born out of the same values that inspired the truck driving school. Those values are Quality, Integrity, and Pride.

This is not just some empty phrase or a string of words thrown together. Robert believed in them and so do we.

For years, the Klabacka family has been committed to providing quality truck driving and heavy equipment training for individuals wishing to seek a career in the backbone services of the country. There isn’t a thing all across America that hasn’t been touched by a truck driver or heavy equipment operator. Roads, bridges, stores, high rises, virtually every bit of infrastructure in the land at some point had to be transported or moved by an industry worker. Our job is to train them for their careers, and we do that well.

It takes integrity to maintain a business like ours. We believe in treating people right. If we help others succeed, then we’ll succeed. We believe it and we live it.

On these two pillars stands the element of pride. We don’t just have family pride. We also have professional pride. We believe in the power of people at a fundamental level. We believe that if you give people the tools to succeed, then they’ll outpace your expectations. Our students have proven it time and time again.

When you enroll in ATS, you aren’t just starting a career. You’re also joining a family. And that’s something to be proud of.

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