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The Importance of First Aid Training

When you train for a career in construction operating heavy machinery, there is a lot to learn. Not just the skills to control the equipment safely and effectively, to get it to do exactly what you want every time, but the teamwork and first aid safety required on site, the way communications work on the modern construction site and how to approach the job on a day-to-day basis. Everyone learns these things and looks forward to putting it all into practice on site on their first construction project.

But there is one thing we teach our students for that is incredibly important, and yet it is the one piece of training everyone hopes they will never have to use. That is, of course, the first aid training we provide for our students.  We provide comprehensive and practical training that focuses on giving every student the confidence and knowledge to deal with potential problems they may meet on site.

While we never like to think of the worst things happening, and great strides have been made with onsite safety over the last few decades, construction still does carry a certain level of risk and accidents do happen. That is why our first aid training is so important, giving you the knowledge to provide the all-important immediate care that a victim may need after suffering an accident. Studies have shown that those first few minutes after an accident before an ambulance can arrive can be crucial to the outcome in severe accidents, and having the knowledge, and just important confidence to provide the necessary first aid can be significant.

Of course, most accidents that happen onsite are minor, and being able to treat and minor injury, or recognize something more serious, are again important bot to an individual and to the site team and organization running the site.

There is another aspect of our first aid training that helps each of our students that experience it, and that is an increased awareness of the potential issues around them on site. Because first aid training prepares us for the results of accidents, we become more aware of the possibility of accidents, becoming pro-active in safety rather than simply reacting if something goes wrong. This provides a safer working environment for everyone. indeed, it has been shown that sites become safer with an increased number of first aid trained staff on site.

We value our first aid training for this and many more reasons, and while we are diligent in providing the high-quality, comprehensive training that will make a difference, we also hope that this is the one skill we teach that our students never have to make use of. You can never be too prepared for an accident, and we ensure that our students do not just have the knowledge, but the ability to act on that knowledge when needed, to make a difference when called upon.


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