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Heavy Equipment Safety And Demolition Sites

Demolition sites can be some of the most dangerous environments to work in, especially if you’re a heavy equipment operator. This is one area where site safety and heavy equipment safety are paramount. This last week we saw scenes of a tower demolition that went wrong, all because the demolition experts failed to see a crack in one wall. If you missed the story, head on over to The Star to see the video.

While heavy equipment were not involved with this particular story, a quick search on YouTube will display hundreds of videos of heavy equipment accidents on demolition sites – and some of them are not pretty. Heavy equipment can be cumbersome to move so getting out of the way in a hurry is not an option. What is needed is a well planned approach to the job. Because evasion is not an easy option, heavy equipment operators need to plan where they place their equipment and what sort of work they can safely perform.

In order to increase safety awareness on work sites, most state legislatures have invoked fairly tough workplace safety rules. These rules include a set standard for workplace safety equipment and a mandatory level of workplace safety training. Today, you will find it almost impossible to gain employment on construction sites if you haven’t completed that safety training.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools ensure that every student studying to become heavy equipment operators also completed a module on heavy equipment safety. This ensures that our students enter the workplace with the minimum standard of safety knowledge required. If you are considering a career as a heavy equipment operator, check to see whether or not your training includes safety components. Your future career may well depend on whether or not you have received this training.

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