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What Heavy Equipment Certifications Can I Receive

When considering heavy equipment certificates and certifications, there are many aspects to consider. Firstly, any registered training organization can issue certificates. It is whether or not they are accredited and exactly what type of certificate you receive.

Some certificates are not certificates at all, they are simply statements of completion. They may say you have completed a training course in heavy equipment. Notice it doesn’t say you have passed or that you are competent to handle any equipment.

If you receive training from certified training organizations, they should generally state what course you undertook and what assessment criteria was used when assessing you. It should also state whether or not you were passed as competent against that assessment criteria.

Employers are not looking for pieces paper, no matter what they say. They are looking for skilled individuals who can immediately climb into the operators seat and start operating their heavy equipment. If your training organization has a reputation for providing people with these skills, then the certificate issued by them will open doors – your skills will get you the job, not the certificate.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools are are accredited by The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Your certificate is not issued lightly – you still have to earn it.

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