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Truck Driving – Local Or Intrastate?

One of the benefits of a truck driving career is that you get to choose the type of trucks you want to drive and where you want drive. This is important to many people who don’t want to wander too far from home each day. However, local truck driving jobs are not restricted to just local deliveries of goods. There are other options. Likewise, distance driving doesn’t have to mean interstate, you can also drive intrastate, that is, from one city or county to the next. Here is a list of the types of jobs and trucks you could be driving:

Local – deliveries, parcels and packages, food items, building materials. Trucks used include refrigerated trucks, specialist trucks, large vans and open trucks.

Regional – grain handling, heavy equipment, furniture, building materials and cement. Trucks used include specialist trucks, flat beds, large vans and dump trucks.

Intrastate – grain handling, petroleum products, furniture and produce and may involve specialist trucks, tractor trailers, large flat bed trucks and large delivery vans.

Interstate – petroleum products, motor vehicles, furniture, produce. This work traditionally involves large tractor trailer rigs although specialist trucks, flat beds and large vans are also used.

There is a large cross-over of trucks used and materials carried. I have really only touched the surface since every single product used has to be transported at some stage. That is one of the great things about truck driving as a career – the type of work and the type of vehicles available is so varied you will always find something that suits your interests.

You can start a truck driving career with as little as three weeks training that readies you for both the workplace and the mandatory licensing processes. Call ATS Truck Driving School for more information on truck driver training programs.

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