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Heavy Equipment End Of Year Clearance Sale

Everyone has them. I am sure you have seen the sales signs every where – “end of year clearance – everything has to go”. Of course, after Christmas you get those post Christmas sales where everyone lines up ready to attack those shop doors the minute they open. Heavy equipment is not that different either. Of course, we are not selling heavy equipment – we are selling you the opportunity to start a new career.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools are having an end of year sale of their training programs. You gain because they are 2009 training programs you are buying and if you buy now and complete your training early in 2009, you will be just in time for the increase in demand during spring and early summer.

How much can you save? It depends on which training program you decide to enroll in, however you can save up to $750 – you must admit that is a good saving.

Whether you are looking to formalize some of your current skills or start a new career, heavy equipment and the construction industry will always be looking for quality operators. Grab this opportunity before its gone – the offer ends December 31.

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