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Heavy Equipment Glossary: Loaders

The term, loaders, covers a number of different pieces of heavy equipment that share a common function. Loaders are vehicles that are designed to move goods, soil or other loads from one point to another. Loaders can be used to move earth, but earthmoving is not their primary function.

Most loaders are wheeled rather than tracked, though many tracked loaders do exist. They are common in farming, logging, mining and construction industries. They are commonly used to carry and lay large pipe, clear rubble, or dig. There are a range of attachments that can be fitted to loaders from bale grapplers to buckets that allow them to function as light dozers.

Loaders are extremely common in construction sites these days. Small loaders are extremely versatile, easy to maneuver and can be fitted with a range of attachments that make them suitable for urban projects. Loader certification will see you with a wide range of employment opportunities.

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