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Graders: What is Laser Grade Control?

Laser grade control is something that is great news for grading, but not necessarily good news for graders. Laser grade control can be applied to graders as easily as it can be applied to other types of heavy equipment. It is technology that makes use of lasers to provide two-dimensional grade control. It effectively means that you do not need graders to do all of your grading. While other types of heavy equipment have been able to pass as graders in the past, they lacked the level of control that dedicated graders achieve. Now it is impossible to achieve some impressive results in tight spaces that large graders simply cannot fit into. According to Equipment Today:

Laser-based systems are extremely simple and easy to use,” says Rich Calvird, program manager for machine control. “All the operator has to do is put the system in ‘automatic’ mode. Laser beacon references are easy to set up and are common on today’s construction and landscaping sites, so users are ready to go in minutes.”

Laser grade control brings grading into back and front gardens around the United States. It makes grading with smaller heavy equipment a very real possibility. The technology is quite cheap as well. A two-dimensional laser grading system typically sells in the $10,000 for a fully automatic system. What does all this technology mean for dedicated graders?

We are not going to be able to fully do away with graders. They remain the most efficient option for grading large spaces. What this does mean is that for small construction applications and landscaping, there are now other options. 3D laser grade control systems will make those other options increasingly more powerful, but at a much higher price.

If you are interested in learning more about laser grade control or graders, please contact us at Associated Training Services.

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