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Financial Aid For Heavy Equipment Training

There are several government initiatives that provide financial aid to pay for some or all of a heavy equipment training program that leads to employment. However, for many workers facing redundancy, they should be checking with their employers to see if retraining is being offered as part of the redundancy.

If you have been warehouse worker you may have yearned to be a fork truck operator or perhaps a crane operator. For many others, the call of the outdoors and a new career operating a bulldozer, excavator or grader may be beckoning. Training is available that is accredited and recognized by most State and Federal government departments.

Redundancy can be seen as a negative – the end of the road, or it can be seen as a positive – the start of a new adventure. Using your redundancy to undertake training in a new field is a big step – however it can be a step in the right direction if it leads to successful employment. Of course redundancy does not always provide financial aid.

If you don’t have access to redundancy entitlements then check out what government programs are currently available in your area. The economic stimulus packages that have been announced contain many initiatives that include financial aid to help you take a change in your career.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are accredited and approved to provide training under several financial aid packages. Contact us to see if financial aid is available for your circumstances.

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