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Financial Aid from Associated Training Services

Here at Associated Training Services we know that people come from all sorts of financial situations. We get students with good credit, with bad credit and no credit. We have students that can manage to pay up front and others who can’t. We offer financial aid to many of our students because we believe that is the best way to help people to get started in a new career. We understand that debt can be a burden in people’s lives, but consider education to be a worthy cause. It is is a fact that certification can help you find steadier, higher-paying employment than you might otherwise be able to find.

We offer financial aid because, often that is all that it takes to get the motor running on your new career. Financial aid is subject to credit approval. If you have a negative credit record, we would recommend coming in with a guarantor. If we are unable to help for whatever reason, we can certainly recommend some alternative sources of funding and State programs that might be able to ease the financial burden of training at our school.

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