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Even The Little Guys Wear The Heavy Equipment Label

Mention heavy equipment and most people will think of bulldozers, graders and excavators. However, there is much smaller equipment in use every day that also wears the heavy equipment label. This group of heavy equipment machinery includes mini-trenchers, mini-loaders like the skid steer loader and mini excavators. Whilst these smaller machines are easier to operate that than their larger counterparts, operators still require training.

Heavy equipment safety is almost the same no matter how large or small the machinery is. Understanding soils, reading site plans, and working as part of an overall team is also identical irrespective of the machinery’s size. Operators will tell you that operating those little guys can be a lot of fun and certainly makes for an interesting break away from the larger equipment.

Who uses these smaller machines? They are actually used a lot in construction and have become a popular tool for landscape gardening. Excavators, backhoes and loaders can do all the muscle work, however, as a project comes close to completion, it can be difficult squeezing those larger machines around buildings. That’s where those little guys are so important – they can fit down a standard driveway and can actually complete a lot of work in a short space of time. They are also economical when it comes to adding the finishing touches.

If you are interested in a career as an operator of smaller heavy equipment, you will still need to complete a heavy equipment training program. On completion, you will be well prepared for work operating heavy equipment of all sizes.

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