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Dump Trucks Are Construction’s Beasts Of Burden

If you are looking for the one piece of machinery that is the backbone of any construction site, it would have to be the humble dump truck. Yet, as children, it is probably one of the first construction toys we have. Most kids grow up with access to either a pile of sand or a piece of dirt to play in. With it comes the little (and later, not so little) dump truck. It all looked easy – fill the dumper with sand, move it to where it you wanted the sand, and dump it.

Over time the novelty of dumping sand or dirt wore off. It is more fun digging with either a little spade or a bulldozer, excavator or loader. The fascination for digging machines over the dump truck often extends into adult life. There are certainly more people working on heavy equipment that as dump truck drivers. Like all under appreciated equipment, they really are the backbone of a construction site.

If you look at what sort of work they do, it goes far beyond just carting and dumping sand. There is a wide range of building materials that dump trucks help to transport – and that is before or during construction. They are also called upon to dump the material not needed on the construction site. This could range from large boulders to dirt that has been dug up and is not required. Dump trucks also play their role in the post construction cleanup being used to cart away excess building materials.

There is now a national call to increase the number of skilled operators when it comes to construction machinery. This includes operators such as dump truck operators. If operating one of construction’s most important pieces of machinery appeals to you then do a little research to find out whether or not you could undergo truck driver training to help you get a start in a rewarding career.

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