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Don’t Let Your Heavy Equipment Training Go To Waste

Assuming you want to learn to operate heavy equipment, I’ll ask a silly question. Why?

I said it was a silly question, since most people learn to operate heavy equipment so that they can find a career working on that equipment. Fairly logical, I know. However, there are many people who graduate from heavy equipment operator schools and find themselves in a vacuum. Where are the jobs? How do they apply for them? Who are the best employers? Brand new skills, raring to go, yet no place to put those skills to good use.

Whatever you do, don’t put those newfound skills to waste. In fact, here’s a suggestion, when researching a heavy equipment training school, check on their career services department. Some schools don’t even have a career services section, so eliminate them immediately. Career services form that vital link between a graduating student and that all important first job.

I won’t get your hopes up too high – we will not guarantee finding you a job. After all, you may be a complete rat bag who totally unsuited to heavy equipment operations. Hopefully we can weed you out before you graduate. Whilst undertaking your training, we will work with you to find the most suitable employers for you to approach. This will depend on where you want to work and the type of work you want to do. We will also work with you to ensure your resume and application letters are up to standard.

Students and graduates from ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools also have access to a our job site. This site is used by employers to list job vacancies when they arise. Students can also post their resumes for potential employers to check over. Every Saturday we list (on this site) some of the latest jobs available for heavy equipment operators (and truck drivers and crane operators). That’s a lot of help over and above your training – we do everything possible to ensure your new skills are not going to waste.

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