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Complete The Package – Add A CDL To Your Heavy Equipment Skills

If you have trained and worked as a heavy equipment operator then it may be time to consider adding a commercial drivers license (CDL) to your list of skills and qualifications. You would be surprised at how many employers jump at the chance to employ heavy equipment operators that can truck their equipment to the work site.

We live in a period where employers are looking to be competitive when tendering for projects. One of the biggest costs to any business is the cost of labor. For every worker they employ, the actual cost to the business can be as much as double their pay packet. If you are on $40,000 per year, chances are it is actually costing the business $60-80,000 each year by the time you look at training and insurance and the multitude of little costs associated with employment.

If a business can employ someone with more than one skill, particularly where those skills are complementary such as a truck license together with experience as a heavy equipment operator, then that is one less pay packet. If a business can complete a project with ten less employees, that is the equivalent of over half a million bucks. The business can submit a tender for a lower price which will improve it’s chances of winning that tender. The more tenders the business wins, the more employment for you – think about it.

This situation is not restricted to heavy equipment operators. You may already be employed as a truck driver, or at least hold an A class CDL. If that is the case, you can undertake training to become a heavy equipment operator. Once again you have multiple skills that complement each other – a sure fire road to a long and successful career.

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