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Certifications + CDL = Career

Have you ever seen a big piece of heavy equipment on a flatbed trailer, securely tied down and being transported to a new job site? The person driving that truck usually is the same person who will be operating that backhoe, grader, or whatever it is once they get to the job site. Heavy equipment operators who also have their Class A CDL often are hired before those who only have their certifications because they can drive the truck that takes the equipment to new locations.

Why Does This Combination Work So Well?

The combination of heavy equipment operator certification and CDL means many more career opportunities open up for you. Industries that need that combination include a lot of possibilities:

  • Equipment transportation
  • Sand & gravel hauling
  • Concrete/Asphalt
  • Freight hauling
  • Tanker driving
  • Dump truck driving
  • Tractor-trailer operations
  • Road paving
  • Mining
  • Construction materials handling

How Much More Training Does It Take?

Associated Training Services provides short-term truck driver training for heavy equipment operators who want to take advantage of the expanded opportunities they can have with a CDL. In three weeks of full-time training, you are given the knowledge and the skills needed to take your CDL road test and move your career to a new level:

  • Department of Transportation rules & regulations
  • safety & CDL equipment operations
  • driving heavy equipment on roads
  • backing heavy equipment
  • pre-trip inspections
  • coupling & uncoupling
  • other essential CDL truck driving skills

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