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Beware The Long Reach Of The Excavator

Excavators are not always excavators. Sometimes, rather than digging holes everywhere like my pet lab, they are used to demolish everything in sight – again, just like my pet lab. All jokes aside, heavy equipment has always had a role to play in demolition work. When you consider how big some buildings are, you can see why. To do it by hand would take years.

These days, a few well placed explosive charges will have a building collapse inside itself. The heavy equipment then rolls in to complete the job. In the past, large cranes where brought it. Their job was to swing huge metal balls at the remaining walls and knock them down. It was slow and dangerous work. These days, excavators are used to pull down the wall.

The long reach excavator an excavator with an especially long boom arm, that is used to demolish buildings. It is designed to reach the upper stories of buildings that are being demolished and pull down the structure in a safe and controlled way.

To operate a long reach excavator requires the same basic skills as a standard excavator operator. These skills can be acquired through ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools. Check out our website for a location near you.

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