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A Rewarding Career in Excavators

Excavators are one of the biggest pieces of heavy equipment that most people will get to use. They are similar in appearance to backhoes, but larger. They are usually tracked and are sometimes referred to as trackhoes, diggers or simply as hoes. They are used for a range of excavation functions including digging trenches, holes and foundations. They can perform…

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Ten Important Backhoe Safety Tips

There are a quite a few heavy equipment safety guidelines that need to be remembered when operating a backhoe, and this list is by no means all inclusive. The following are some key areas that are known to be safety issues in a large number of workplaces. Maintaining a safe working environment keeps accidents from happening. 1. Always wear a…

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Learn to Drive Loaders

Loaders are one of the most common types of heavy equipment that you see these days. Part of the reason is that they are generally wheeled, not tracked. In terms of maneuverability and usability, this is a big plus. While tracked vehicles are great for a large construction site, wheeled vehicles can move about almost anywhere, without causing damage to…

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