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Discover The Construction Industry

Some of us don’t think much about it, until they start to build a new building near our home or work.  Then, we usually just complain about how the construction affects traffic and slows everything down. But stop to think about it: what would life be without construction; without heavy equipment? Before heavy equipment, everything was done by hand. Picks…

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Heavy Equipment Safety Is An Issue For All Workers

Heavy equipment has been the focus of attention when it comes to safety for several years now. While operators require training that includes safety, onsite workers also have an obligation to act safely around heavy equipment. Work place health and safety training is now mandatory in many industries and where employers have failed to ensure their employees are trained, big…

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Bulldozers Opening Back Roads

As the weather starts to clear you will see more and more bulldozers hard at work on many of our back roads. Over winter, snow, ice and water sit on these back roads and are generally only accessible using off-road vehicles. Off-road vehicles tend to have larger tires with large tread patterns so you can imagine the effect they have…

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