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Learning to Drive Tractors

Learning to drive tractors is a great way to get started in heavy equipment. Tractors are relatively easy to learn how to drive, you can find tractors in just about every building environment and that makes them very versatile. Learning to drive tractors can help you get started with all kinds of other heavy equipment or be an exciting career…

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Heavy Equipment Glossary: Loaders

The term, loaders, covers a number of different pieces of heavy equipment that share a common function. Loaders are vehicles that are designed to move goods, soil or other loads from one point to another. Loaders can be used to move earth, but earthmoving is not their primary function. Most loaders are wheeled rather than tracked, though many tracked loaders…

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Kick Start Your Heavy Equipment Career with Financial Aid

Quality training costs money, there are no two ways about that, but there are are different ways of obtaining funding for career training. Here at Associated Training Services we can advise you of what you need to do to obtain financial aid and get the ball rolling on your new heavy equipment career. Many people find themselves in the unfortunate…

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Backhoes are a Smart Career Choice

There comes a time in every person's life when they decide to sit back and take stock of where they are. Before you know it you have hit middle age and have nothing to show for it except mounting debt and a few extra pounds around the waistline. Jumping headlong into a new career is not an easy thing to…

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Heavy Equipment Glossary: Backhoes

The term backhoe is generally unknown to non-construction types. It is a piece of heavy machinery that actually has its origins in the UK. In 1953, the JCB company created the backhoe and while technology has changed a little since then, they still look remarkably similar. A backhoe is simply a digging bucket attached to an articulated arm. It can…

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