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Versatile Careers with Excavators

It is a fact that when most people think heavy equipment, they think excavators. Excavators can be one of the most exciting and interesting types of equipment that you will ever get to use. With excavators certification, you are ready to use one of the most versatile types of heavy equipment that exists. Excavators are everywhere on different scales. You…

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Certification, What are YOU Waiting for?

We know all to well what life is like for construction workers that lack certification. While some people enjoy the work, it does not pay very well. Many people lack the motivation to pursue certification. They place it in the too hard, too expensive or takes too long basket and do their best to be content with the limited opportunities…

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What are Graders and what are the Used for?

The term grader covers a range of heavy equipment that performs the function of creating a flat surface. Most people are familiar with graders because they see them on the road from time to time. Graders are used in the first stage of preparing roads. Why learn to operate graders? They are a particularly useful piece of heavy equipment that…

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Are Heavy Equipment Safety Problems Avoidable?

Every year an astonishing number of workers are killed or injured in the workplace. Some of these accidents involve heavy equipment. It is my belief that all or almost all heavy equipment safety problems can be avoided. It is rare for heavy equipment safety problems to occur as a result of mechanical error. The vast majority of accidents involving heavy…

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