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ATS And Heavy Equipment Operators Doing Their Bit To Rebuild Economy

Across the nation the demand for skilled construction workers and heavy equipment operators is set to rise sharply over the next six months. President Obama's economic stimulus package is behind a multi billion dollar increase in transport infrastructure. Spending includes projects covering new road, rail and seaport infrastructure together with bridge building bridge rebuilding along with road resurfacing programs. With…

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Heavy Equipment Operators Needed For Ambitious Construction Program In Florida

Florida is about to embark on one of the most ambitious construction programs in the country with the demand for construction workers and heavy equipment operators set to at least double by the end of summer, perhaps even triple. In fact, the only thing that will prevent Florida from achieving its construction targets will be the lack of suitably qualified…

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Heavy Equipment Training In South Carolina Targeting Highway Construction

The majority of the federal economic stimulus package is to go towards interstate highway construction in South Carolina. This has led to a call for more skilled construction workers, particularly those able to operate the heavy equipment required to construct roads. If you have been wondering about heavy equipmenet training in South Carolina then wonder no more. AT ATS Heavy…

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Demand For Heavy Equipment Training In Virginia On The Rise

The demand for heavy equipment training in Virginia is growing and as more details of the federal stimulus program are released. Virginia is expecting to spend almost $700 million on transport infrastructure through the program with $118 million targeting state's three urban metropolitan areas. Transport infrastructure of course means roads and rail, areas that are labor intensive. Skilled operators for…

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California Requires Heavy Equipment Operators For 57 New Projects

California is leading the way when it comes to spending the federal economic stimulus packages. They have already put in place 57 projects which are expected to create 11,000 new jobs if 1% are for new heavy equipment operator positions, that equates to 110 new jobs. In reality, the number of new positions created could be as high 5% or…

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Heavy Equipment Training In Texas Ready To Handle Jobs Growth

Texas is one of the fortunate states with its economy still growing, albeit very slowly. However, growth is growth and in the last financial year the state has more than doubled the national averages when it comes to growth. With growth comes jobs and with jobs there is a requirement for training. Demand for heavy equipment training in Texas is…

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