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Heavy Equipment Glossary: Backhoes

The term backhoe is generally unknown to non-construction types. It is a piece of heavy machinery that actually has its origins in the UK. In 1953, the JCB company created the backhoe and while technology has changed a little since then, they still look remarkably similar. A backhoe is simply a digging bucket attached to an articulated arm. It can…

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Financial Aid for Heavy Equipment Training

Getting the right training for a job can be a costly experience. At Associated Training Services we realize that your financial situation might not allow you to pay for your training up front. We also realize that it can be difficult to improve your financial situation without earning more money. It can become a vicious cycle where one needs more…

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Getting a Job Driving Bulldozers

Driving bulldozers is just about every kids dream and for the few of us adults lucky to enough to do it, it can be fun, rewarding work. It is immensely satisfying and relatively easy if you have the right type of training. Here at Associated Training Services, we prepare people for satisfying careers in heavy equipment operation including driving bulldozers…

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Benefits of Training for your Heavy Equipment Career with Associated Training Services

Associated Training Services is a well established heavy equipment school. We have been around for a long time and so we know realize that training is not just about teaching new skills, but about opening career pathways. Our training system can prepare you for a career in heavy equipment as we have done for many people like yourself in the…

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