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Green Jobs In The Construction Industry Set To Bloom

The number of 'green jobs' in the construction industry is set to increase dramatically over the next few years. President Obama has promised 5 million new green construction jobs over the next ten years and backed it up with a $150 billion investment. Green jobs will involve the use of heavy equipment in a lot of situations particularly when it…

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Now The Federal Government Want Heavy Equipment Operators

Over the last couple of weeks we have outlined the expenditure that some of the states have allocated to road, bridge and rail projects and the effect this will have on demand for heavy equipment operators. The Federal government has now joined the party with $27.5 billion being allocated for federal highways and bridges. That's a lot of money and…

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Are You Ready To Start Your Heavy Equipment Training?

Enrolling in a heavy equipment training program has become so much easier these days. You can apply online from your own computer, the process only taking a couple of minutes. Of course, if you have a few doubts about careers in heavy equipment or whether or not you are suited to heavy equipment operations, you have three choices: You can:…

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Is Heavy Equipment Training Accredited?

Heavy equipment training has been accredited for many years. In 1995, eleven of the world's most progressive construction companies, manufacturers and national trade associations came together to form the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). At the time, the NCCER had several aims, the chief being to develop standardized construction, maintenance and pipeline curriculum and training standards. Since…

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