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Discover The Construction Industry

Some of us don’t think much about it, until they start to build a new building near our home or work.  Then, we usually just complain about how the construction affects traffic and slows everything down. But stop to think about it: what would life be without construction; without heavy equipment? Before heavy equipment, everything was done by hand. Picks…

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Increase Your Value With Heavy Equipment Training

When you get your training at Associated Training Services (ATS), you increase your value as an employee. Our Heavy Equipment Operator programs are recognized by employers all over the excavation, earth moving, and construction industries. That means graduates of ATS are already respected because they have been proven to be up to the professional standards these industries require. Comprehensive Training Programs…

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3 Reasons To Be A Trained Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators are all around you, earning good money in stable careers. A few of those operators learned on the job, but there are gaps in their knowledge because they didn’t actually go through professional training. Selecting a nationally-known school like ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Programs gives you the advantage of superior safety, increased versatility, and enhanced hireability. Superior…

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Companies That Hire Heavy Equipment Operators

The types of companies that hire heavy equipment operators is not short. All sorts of companies employ crane operators, forklift drivers, dump truck drivers, riggers and signalpersons, and people who operate every type of heavy equipment under the sun. Here's a short list of the types of companies you might be employed by as a heavy equipment operator: Construction companies…

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Why Heavy Equipment Jobs Will Not Disappear

Heavy equipment training is one of the bedrocks of modern society. If it weren't for construction workers, truck drivers, and other heavy equipment operators, much of our cultural infrastructure would never have seen the light of day. Roads and bridges, skyscrapers, single-family homes, apartment complexes, shopping malls, universities, hospitals, and all the other structures that make up modern society were…

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