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5 Employers Who Hire Dump Truck Drivers

If you're looking for a dump truck driver job, there are plenty of them to go around. So where can you go to get hired to drive a dump truck? Here are five employers you should be able to find in your town. Construction Companies - Every construction company needs at least one qualified dump truck driver. When they excavate…

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Dump Truck Drivers Work All Winter

If you can drive a dump truck, there is winter work available right now. This is because a dump truck chassis is the base of many winter service vehicles, so the ability to operate the truck through all the variables of the job is a valued ability indeed. Since there is a lot of load shifting and the truck is…

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Who Needs A Dump Truck?

If there's a big pile of something to be moved out of the way, chances are pretty good that some type of dump truck will be used to do the job. These big trucks are great for hauling loads of things that are able to be tipped out and dumped someplace else. The advantage of a dump truck is you…

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Get Your Dump Truck Driver Training

Driving a dump truck is one of the greatest pleasures of the construction work site. These guys carry heavy loads short distances, and without them the work site's efficiency would plummet through the ground. If you've ever driven a standard transmission vehicle, then you already understand one of the most important things about dump trucks. You have a clutch. Something…

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Operating A Dump Truck Safely

Dump trucks are big machines, they carry heavy loads, and they can be dangerous if operated unsafely. Safe dump truck drivers are a huge asset to any construction site. They increase revenues and decrease accidents, which means they also decrease expenses. That's why it is important to learn how to operate them safely. If you want to learn how to…

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