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Why You Should Have a CDL

A commercial drivers license (CDL) is a requirement if you want to get behind the wheel of a load-carrying vehicle and drive it. That's true whether you want to drive a dump truck from one construction site to another or you want to carry vehicles across country on Big Rig. If there is any reason you need a CDL, it's…

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Upgrade Your Training With A CDL

You don't have to get a Commercial Drivers License when you come to ATS for heavy equipment operator training, but it's a good idea to consider it. In the decades since Associated Training Services started preparing skilled craftspeople for these important trades, we've noticed that heavy equipment operators who also have gone through the CDL Truck Driver Program added a couple…

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3 Good Reasons Heavy Equipment Operators Get Their CDL

Some people are a bit surprised when they see that Associated Training Services offers Class-A Commercial Drivers License training. Unless you are in the industry, one might think that truck drivers drive trucks and heavy equipment operators operate heavy equipment. So why is there an overlap? The more things you can do on the job site, the more valuable you…

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The Importance Of Class A Truck Driver Training

Commercial truck driving is one of the nation's most enduring professions. If you think about it, virtually everything in your possession right now was on a truck at one time. Everything that is purchased at a point of sale must be manufactured and transported from the manufacturer to the retail outlet. That means that truckers are the backbone of society.…

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