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5 Uses for a Backhoe

One of the most versatile machines on any work site is the backhoe. If you look at it, it resembles a huge metal spider. But I've never met anyone who knew how to operate a backhoe who didn't also enjoy operating one. Here are five ways you can use a backhoe to get the job done. Dig a Trench -…

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better In Heavy Equipment

There is a definite appeal to big machinery, and every heavy equipment operator knows the thrill of controlling a massive, powerful unit that makes a huge impact on the job being done. But there also is an appeal to the smaller equipment that can be manipulated skillfully to do exactly what is needed without disturbing the rest of the area.…

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Have You Been To A Backhoe Rodeo?

Can a backhoe be used to place eggs in a bowl? That's one of the challenges at the Weber County Fair, where in the second year of the backhoe rodeo¬†contestants try their hand at a lot of things you wouldn't ordinarily expect a backhoe operator to tackle. "In front of supporters numbering in the low hundreds at the fair‚Äôs 2nd…

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Want Variety? Be A Backhoe Operator

Backhoes are one of the most versatile pieces of heavy equipment you can learn to operate at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training Schools. On the job, the backhoe does the work of a loader and the work of an excavator along with a versatility that comes from a variety of attachments and the skill of the operator to maneuver accurately…

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How To Become A Backhoe Operator

Operating a backhoe is one of the most rewarding of heavy equipment jobs. Backhoe operators enjoy the machinery they've been trained to operate and are a very important part of any job site. They are often paid well and enjoy job security. But the first step to becoming a backhoe operator is to get trained as one. Getting trained as…

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What’s Fascinating About A Backhoe

When I dig a hole with my mouth, my wife asks, "Would you like a bigger backhoe?" It's an apt question. Thankfully, it doesn't happen too often. But the backhoe does make a great metaphor. It's equally as impressive in real life. There's so much you can do with it. Most people think of digging holes when they think of…

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