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Do You Qualify For Military Benefits?

Associated Training Services is a recognized training provider, approved for veterans and military educational assistance. There are many types of benefit packages, so it's a good idea to contact our financial services department and ask if there's something that fits your circumstance. Here's a quick list of possibilities: the GI Bill could provide monthly subsistence payments while you are in…

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Heavy Equipment Training For The Military

We live in unfortunate times where world peace is constantly under threat. We have brave men and women serving in various places around the world and many, on return, require re-training before they can find well paid employment. Some of those returning are doing so with injuries that prevent them from returning to previous careers. To help those from the…

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Bulldozers and Military Careers

Did you know that our military services used heavy equipment like bulldozers? Did you also know you could have a military career as a bulldozer operator? You can and you can fast track your initial training if you gain a qualification and experience before signing up to the military. There are two ways to enter the military as a bulldozer…

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Military Gets Worlds Fastest Backhoe

Backhoes are not exactly the slowest of creatures but even on the open highway they would struggle to get over 20mph - imagine driving one at 60mph? The military have now taken on a backhoe that can do just that and not just on the open highway either. Built with full suspension, ABS braking technology, sophisticated computer diagnostics, run-flat tires,…

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Heavy Equipment And The Military

A lot of people don't realize that the military are big users of heavy equipment. They use a wide variety of equipment from the small backhoes to the large bulldozers. They also use the large flatbed trucks to transport the equipment around. The military do train their own operators, however if you are already trained then they will welcome you…

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